Intelligent, Modular, Sustainable

Our IoT BMS is adaptive, chemistry agnostic and modular helping us to enter the market five times faster.

The culmination of our experiences in power electronics and battery management during PhD study, and the ability
to integrate IoT devices and Machine Learning gives us an opportunity to develop advanced BMSs.

Adaptive Control

Segment & geography agnostic intelligent control

Chemistry Agnostic

Chemistry agnostic software, firmware & hardware


Electric-bicycle to Electric-bus scalability Plug and play

Internet of Things

Enables data collection, remote monitoring and over-the-air updates

Battery Management System

Brains behind the modern battery pack

An electronic circuit that protects rechargeable batteries ( e.g. Lithium) from
operating outside its safe operating areas (voltage, current, temperature) in
electric vehicles and energy storage systems.

Quality battery management systems expedite the global adoption of Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energy enabling a greener world!

Battery life & range

Battery life & range

Improves battery life; Optimizes driving range in case of EVs



Improved state-of-charge and state-of-health estimations



Impede fire accidents; Battery health prognosis & predictive maintenance

Plug & Play Architecture

Plug & Play Architecture

Enter new vehicle segments with a single scalable BMS; Save 6-12 months & US$ 200K