A quintessential Battery Management System (BMS) for low power mobility segments

A quintessential Battery Management System (BMS) for low power mobility segments

As the popularity of electric bicycles, micro mobility applications, automated guided vehicles (AGV), and special purpose robots continue to rise, the need for a compact, feature-rich and cost-effective battery management system (BMS) for the aforementioned segments becomes increasingly important. With limited space for the battery, controllers, and other components, a compact BMS without compromising on features and capability is crucial.

Although there is typically a trade-off between compact design and features, RC Labs has managed to create compact BMSs that are still incredibly feature-rich. State of the art safety features, CAN or UART communication for smart vehicles, customizable telemetry options such as Bluetooth, WiFi, GSM & e-SIM. Also, by utilizing only Tier 1 components, RC Labs guarantees unmatched product quality. (Fig. 1)

RC Labs’ modular and customizable BMS is highly reliable and efficient, providing detailed information on battery performance and responding to fault conditions like overcharging and over-discharging. It communicates real-time data and control signals to the electric bicycle’s display or controller for efficient operation and longer battery life. Our BMS is designed for easy maintenance and efficient performance, making it the perfect solution for electric bicycle and micro mobility owners who demand high-quality and functionality.

                                                           Fig. 1: Compact BMS, rated at 48 V nominal (NMC/NCA/LFP/Supercapacitors)
                                                                                                       and 20 A continuous current.

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