Application agnostic BMS for conglomerates

Application agnostic BMS for conglomerates

RC Labs is uniquely positioned to help conglomerates overcome the challenges they face when entering the battery and electric vehicle industry. As a supplier of Battery Management Systems (BMS), RC Labs offers an adaptive, modular and a chemistry agnostic BMS solution that can be easily integrated into any type of battery or electric vehicle, regardless of the supplier. This means that conglomerates no longer have to work with multiple BMS suppliers for each segment, simplifying the supply chain and reducing overall costs.

RC Labs’ BMS is designed to be adaptive, modular, and compatible with various chemistries. This allows our clients to enter the market quickly and at a reduced cost. Our BMS system is configured with a master and slave setup, which enables scaling of up to 8 slave boards per master board, providing flexibility in scaling. Additionally, the system offers a range of customization options, such as connectivity features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GSM, and e-sim, as well as multiple current options using mosfets and contactors. This means that our BMSs are compatible with low voltage and high current applications, as found in drones, as well as high voltage and high current applications for large load carrying vehicles, and high voltage and low current energy storage systems (ESS) for long-distance transmission.

                                                                                         Fig. 1: Modular and scalability feature of the RC Labs’ BMS

Another significant feature of RC Labs’ BMS is its chemistry-agnostic design. As the conglomerate offers various products that rely on stored energy, different battery chemistries are required for each specific application. Therefore, a chemistry-agnostic BMS is necessary. RC Labs’ BMS is compatible with all major battery chemistries, including Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC), Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP), Lithium Nickel-Cobalt-Aluminum Oxide (NCA), Lithium-Titanium-Oxide (LTO), and Supercapacitors. This makes it easier for conglomerates to work with a single vendor for multiple products, thus simplifying supply chain and logistics management.

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