Protection against faulty chargers

Protection against faulty chargers

In the rapidly evolving world of electric vehicles (EVs), the focus often remains on the cutting-edge technology powering these vehicles, but there’s another crucial element that deserves attention: the charger. Faulty chargers can have a profound impact on your EV’s battery life and pose serious safety concerns. RC Labs’ Battery Management Systems safeguards batteries, preventing damage from faulty chargers and ensuring battery longevity and safety. One such example is this case study which demonstrates the ability of the BMS to keep batteries safe.

RC Labs’ BMS demonstrated its rapid response when a malfunctioning charger surged to 100A at 53% battery State of Charge (SoC) during the charging cycle of a 16S9P battery pack. To provide context, the battery had initially been at 90.58% SoC before being discharged to 0% SoC and subsequently charged using the 48V, 6A charger. However, the charger’s poor quality or internal issues triggered this dangerous surge.


Battey SoC (From discharge till charger malfunction)


The spike close to 15,000 seconds indicate the 100A surge


Battery voltage from discharge till malfunction of charger

Thankfully, the RC Labs BMS promptly intervened, initiating a cutoff that prevented potential battery damage and simultaneously safeguarded its own integrity. This incident underscores the BMS’s pivotal role in swiftly protecting batteries from hazardous charging conditions, particularly when subpar charger quality poses risks.

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